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CCRP Brand Usage Guidelines: Leadership

Welcome to the McKnight Foundation Collaborative Crop Research Program (CCRP) visual asset download page. Please note: these resources are exclusively for the use of the CCRP Leadership Team and can only be accessed via this unique URL. As such, please do not share or distribute this link without permission from the McKnight Foundation.

Mission, Vision and Tag: Our approved vision, mission and tag statements are critical elements of the CCRP brand identity and should be left intact and unedited in all relevant communications.

Wordmark: Acceptable usage for the CCRP wordmark is outlined in our complete usage guide and must remain consistent across all communications opportunities, including print, website, outdoor, signage and even apparel.

Colors: The CCRP color palette is based on approved colors for the McKnight Foundation and is designed to evoke a sense of international cooperation. The primary color reserved for the wordmark is Pantone 146, while additional colors are intended to support and complement the primary color.

Patterns: A unique, diamond-shaped pattern is the basic building block of the CCRP visual brand identity. Vibrant colors from our secondary color palette reinforce this kinetic, creative pattern, reflecting the collaborative nature of our work.

PowerPoint Template: The CCRP presentation template reflects the style and usage standards outlined in our brand guidelines. When using the template, please do not modify or remove any elements from the slide master.

Photography: Graphics and typography alone are not enough to communicate CCRP’s global work. Our photos tend to be actual scenes of people or places, so please avoid using filters or tinted effects to enhance photography. Because many of our photos feature real people, it is essential to obtain proper documentation from our photo subjects and sources in order to use the images.

Photo Releases: For photos taken by McKnight Foundation staff or hired photographers, photo subject releases explicitly permitting our public use of a subject’s image or likeness are required. Download a photo subject release form here.

For photos taken by anyone else, a copyright owner agreement stating the provider is granting the McKnight Foundation public use (or stating the provider has obtained proper permission from the source) is required. Download a copyright owner agreement form here.

Photo Credits: When possible and/or upon request from a copyright owner, photo credits in public materials should cite the photographer or photo source. Credits should be placed in the bottom corner of the photo or directly below the photo in a small but readable font, such as the CCRP-approved Verdana font.

Questions? Please contact Kelsey Johnson for any questions related to the CCRP brand guidelines.