Sarah Hernandez has been a program officer since 2005 working within the Foundation’s Region and Communities program, which encourages efficient development in the Twin Cities region that creates livable communities and opportunities for all to thrive. Hernandez oversees the program’s strategy to promote economically vibrant neighborhoods. Hernandez serves on the Board of Directors for several organizations including the Neighborhood Funders Group, The Northside Funders Group, and Minnesota Compass Steering Committee.

Prior to McKnight, Hernandez worked in corporate government and community affairs with Honeywell Inc. in Minneapolis. She started at Honeywell as a legislative and policy analyst, and later managed the energy and environmental policy program, the employee volunteer program, and the community affairs program. In 1998, she was named senior manager of corporate community affairs. During her 13-year tenure, Hernandez helped organize the global distribution of Honeywell’s funds to educational and environmental nonprofit organizations. Hernandez earned a BA degree in sociology at the University of Minnesota and holds a master’s degree in political science from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Hernandez enjoys traveling and has visited over 25 countries. She grew up in Southern California and now lives in Minneapolis.