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Region & Communities

Program Goal: Create livable communities and expand opportunities for all to thrive by increasing efficient and sustainable regional metropolitan development.

Minnesota’s success depends on a 21st-century competitive region. We are fortunate to have a robust regional economy energized by world-class businesses, universities, cultural institutions, and an increasingly vibrant and diverse population. We also face stubborn long-term challenges to ensuring that all our residents share in the region’s prosperity. We are confronting unprecedented political turmoil and economic disparities as well.

The goal of the Region & Communities program is to advance an inclusive economy and accelerate resilient regional metropolitan development. We focus on strengthening systems to provide a broad mix of options for individuals and families to become economically self-sufficient, and to make neighborhoods more vibrant and the region more sustainable. Systems-change works best when it influences market forces and harnesses the creativity, innovation, and energy at the local level, anchored in a sense of place. By connecting people, place, and possibility, we work to help create livable communities and expand opportunities for all to thrive.

Region & Communities

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