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Program Goal

To support working artists to create and contribute to vibrant communities. Minnesota thrives when its artists thrive.

Program Strategies

We fund organizations, programs, and projects that fuel exceptional and diverse artistic practice. Grantees advancing this strategy provide support structures for working artists to develop and share their work.
We fund and leverage local and national collaborations, knowledge, and policies that maximize the value of artists' work in their communities. Grantees advancing this strategy provide support structures based on data and networks that bolster artists’ value inside and outside the arts sector.

Funding Opportunities

Program Contacts

Vickie Benson, Program Director

Bio | Email | Twitter: @VickieLBenson

Arleta Little, Program Officer and Director of Artist Fellowships 

Bio | Email | Twitter: @ALittleScribe

Sarah Lovan, Program Officer

Bio | Email | Twitter: @SarahLovan

Kristen Marx, Program Administrator