We have added some new DEI questions to our grant application process for organizations based in the United States. Our grant form asks applicants to supply some basic demographics about their staff and boards, such as race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, geography, and disability status. It will also include questions such as whether an organization has an approach to an inclusive workspace and how a proposal would advance equity.

We believe the form will help us get to the heart of these mission-driven concerns:

  1. Are the organizations that we fund diverse and inclusive relative to their context?
  2. Do our grants help to decrease disparities and/or advance equity?
  3. What and whom are we missing?

A preview of the DEI form is available to prospective grantees for your planning purposes. Please do not fill out this pdf sample. The only way to submit the data is through our online application system. In addition, here is a tip sheet from the D5 Coalition about the demographic data collection process.