Erin Imon Gavin serves as the education program director at the McKnight Foundation. Gavin joined the Foundation as a program officer in 2013, managing the Foundation’s Pathway Schools Initiative – a multi-partner effort to improve teaching, leadership, and PreK-3rd grade literacy outcomes in seven Twin Cities district and charter schools. Outside of the initiative, Gavin has collaborated with a diverse group of nonprofit, government, higher education, and PreK-12 stakeholders to launch initiatives aimed at improving Minnesota’s early childhood workforce and supporting language learners.

In 2017, Gavin led the Foundation’s Education & Learning program redesign. She now oversees the implementation of McKnight’s strategies to prepare, recruit, and retain diverse, effective educators and to elevate the voice of families and communities in education reform conversations.

Gavin began her career in the classroom as a teacher and literacy interventionist in Brooklyn Center Public Schools. She is a graduate of Carleton College and completed her master’s degree in education policy at Harvard University. A Twin Cities native (and St. Paulite at heart), Gavin lives in Minneapolis with her husband and their well-loved, very furry dog.