Mark Muller is director of the Mississippi River program at the McKnight Foundation. He joined McKnight as a program officer in 2013, and became program director in 2015. Under his direction the program has developed a new theory of change and logic model, placing a greater emphasis on broadening the constituencies willing to take actions to protect the Mississippi River. Some recent Mississippi River program initiatives include supporting more sustainability criteria in Midwest agricultural supply chains, and more collaboration with community-based organizations to support environmental justice concerns along the River.

Muller has a background in environmental engineering and agricultural policy. Previous experience includes 14 years at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, where he directed a food systems fellowship program and led several Mississippi River-related initiatives addressing nutrient pollution and promoting sustainable river transportation systems. Muller also taught science for two years at a high school in New York City, volunteered for a year in Honduras and Guatemala, and has served on several nonprofit boards and a local natural foods co-op. He has a BA in physics and a MA in environmental engineering.